What is the Thrive Team?

The Thrive Team is Children’s Hope’s group of core, committed, monthly donors.  Their giving fuels our diverse ministries in Haiti that are enabling children, families, and communities to thrive and live better lives.

What ministry does the Thrive Team support?

100% of your monthly gift will support our ministry programs in Haiti. That includes:

  • Community Ministry- evangelism & outreach events, elderly program, pastor training, church partnerships, emergency community needs, and more
  • Medical Clinic- medicine, supplies, medical staff salaries
  • Schools Program- teacher salaries, school lunches, uniforms, books, and supplies
  • Children’s Home- providing care for our children not fully sponsored through our Child Sponsor program
  • Campus Operations- helping keep our Haiti campus safe & running
Suggested Amounts

Billing Information

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  • American Express
  • Discover
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